Nesting Terns at the Lido in 2014

This year the number of Terns nesting on the raft at the Lido increased to five pairs. The raft is at the far, northern, end of the water and has become difficult to see properly due to the increasing growth of willow scrub around the edge of the water. At least six young were counted. The birds were free from interference from Black-headed Gulls who have been a great nuisance to the breeding Terns on the gravel pits in the Colne Valley. Terns have been nesting on these gravel pits for many years but have only fairly recently started nesting at the Lido, perhaps to escape the attention of Black-headed Gulls. Prior to that, Terns would sometimes fly over from the gravel-pits to catch fish in the Lido and fly back to feed their young with them – quite a long way (but perhaps not as the Tern flies – and they must have thought it worthwhile).

Our Terns have now departed and are probably already in their wintering area off the west coast of Africa, but we look forward to their return next spring.

CB October 2014

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