About Ruislip Woods Trust

Ruislip Woods Trust was established in 1997 as a charity. Its aims are to protect the ecological environment of Ruislip Woods and to encourage greater access by the public through education, monitoring and surveying.

It was set up by the five local Residents Associations which surround the woods, these are Eastcote, Harefield, Northwood, Northwood Hills and Ruislip. It is a registered Charity with the Charity Commission and maintains full accounts.

The Trust management committee includes recognised experts in nature conservation and interpretation. The Trust identifies projects that benefit the Woods, applies and obtains funding for them and then commissions the work, much along the principles of a The Colne Valley Regional Park

The Trust’s objectives prevent it from doing any of the woodlands management presently undertaken by Hillingdon Council, except to give advice on request.

Friends of Ruislip Woods

Ruislip Woods Trust runs the Friends of Ruislip Woods to give people the opportunity to learn more about the Woods and to support their conservation.  To become a Friend of Ruislip Woods click here.

Ruislip Woods Trust Board, from left to right:  Sue Segroatt,  Debbie Valman, Mark Morgan (Chair), Alison Scrivens (Secretary), Miles Gillman, Anand Punja
Activities supported by the Trust include:
  • Classroom in the Woods (ongoing)
  • Guided walks in Ruislip Woods (ongoing)
  • Refurbishment of the Woodland Centre (2020)
  • Ruislip Woods Festival (ended in 2018)
  • Negotiated the purchase of 30 acres of woodland, now part of Copse Wood, in 2020

Page last updated: 31/10/2023
By Anand Punja

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