Woodland Centre

The Woodland Centre is situated next to the café at the Lido. It provides an interactive way to learn more about these exceptional woodlands.

Designed to provide something for everyone to discover from hidden peepholes into lairs and dens for little people (or those that can bend down that far!) to a comprehensive timeline of events that these ancient woods have seen.

There is a tracing table and an opportunity to see what to discover in each season through the big picture wheels. Book corners for both adults and children and an array of interesting articles that have been found in the woods.
You can learn more about the birds and creatures in the woods though a beautiful collection of photos that scroll on the TV. Alternatively just search the hand-painted mural and see how many you can find.

There is a programme of events that the council provides, most of which start or finish at the Woodland Centre to give you a chance to visit or look out for school holiday craft events. For more information of these click here.

The Woodland Centre displays were created by the Ruislip Woods Trust with input from Hillingdon Council and funding from Heritage Lottery and the Grundon Landfill Fund.

Classroom in the Woods

The Ruislip Woods Trust encourages schools to get children out of their classrooms and into the fresh air for some hands-on learning.  The council provide led educational trips to the Woods and the Woodland Centre designed to
inspire children and get them out in the fresh air and exploring. Learn about the different creatures that inhabit the Woods, how trees communicate and how to behave in the Woods to be safe and to look after this special site. Click here for more information.

The Woodland Centre provides the ideal base for exploring with some hands on activities to introduce the topics to be covered or  investigation equipment for more detailed research after exploring.

Successive Government’s have stated their aim to get more children out of the classroom for some of their learning and this outing provides a perfect opportunity to do just that, with easy access and minimal input required by the teachers (the outings are individually tailored to suit the age group of the children and the area of the curriculum that the teacher would like to cover).

Ruislip Woods is a 755 Acre National Nature Reserve and has been awarded Green Flag and Green Heritage status. It is part of the Wildwood that once completely covered England after the ice age and yet it is within the M25!

Visits to the Woodland Centre and Classroom in the Woods can be booked or further information obtained from Diana Williams by telephoning 07736 974497.

Page last updated: 05/02/2024
By Anand Punja

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