Cannons Bridge : October 2014

(Murphy’s Field is adjacent to Cannons Bridge Farm House)

This is written for people reading the notice board, but may be of wider interest, Cannons Bridge Farm House is at the northern end of Bury Street.

To your left at the edge of the field runs a small stream called the Cannon Brook. It was dammed in 1811 to form a reservoir now known as the Lido. On reaching the corner of the field it goes under the road and down the far side to emerge opposite Cannons Bridge Farm. Originally the brook flowed above ground and was crossed by a bridge. Documentary reference to Cannons Bridge dates from the 14th century, and is shown on the first map of the area in 1750. The name Cannon seems to have been a family name appearing as early as c.1245.

If you look over the fence at the field’s edge you will notice a second stream. This is, or was, the canal feeder which was constructed in 1816 to carry water from the reservoir to the Grand Junction Canal.

Cannons Bridge Farm House (which you can just see over the wall) to your right, is an old timber framed building, largely dating from the 16th century, but almost certainly occupying an earlier site. On this side of the house is an old barn. It is in need of some sympathetic repairs and restoration.

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