Spring Migrants to Ruislip : May 2014

The return of migrant birds to Ruislip has been rather slow this year. However, a Cuckoo has been calling around Bayhurst Wood for some time and was heard at the Lido car park on the 20th May.

The House Martins that nest under the eves in Reservoir Road are also back from Africa. House Martins have been decreasing and this is one of the few remaining colonies in the area.

Another exciting bird which has only recently started breeding at the Lido is the Common Tern (it is not that common). These have returned from wintering off West Africa and we hope they will breed once again on the rafts provided.

Woodcock are mysterious birds. They are very secretive and seldom seen unless flushed when they twist away amongst the trees. Some from northern Europe winter in Britain. Occasionally, as this year, they breed in the Ruislip Woods where they perform their curious display flight in the late evening. This is called “roding” when the bird, presumably the male, flies around just over the treetops uttering a sharp whistle interspersed with a croaking sound.

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