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school trip

Ruislip Woods Trust and the London Borough of Hillingdon are offering free guided activity walks for groups of primary school children. Ruislip Woods is  unique with 305 hectares of ancient woodland situated in Greater London. We want to get the children out of their classrooms and into the fresh air for some hands-on learning. We provide a Woodland Ranger with over 10 years experience of inspiring children to lead the walks and the games, all the teachers have to do is book the trip and transport and enjoy watching their charges having fun and learning at the same time. They may even learn something too! Could you identify a type of tree with your eyes shut or find the insect that will win the mini-beast Olympics?

The Government has a stated aim to get more children out of the classroom for some of their learning and this outing provides a perfect opportunity to do just that, with easy access and minimal input required by the teachers,( the outings are individually tailored to suit the age group of the children and the area of the curriculum that the teacher would like to cover). Ruislip Woods is a National Nature Reserve and has been awarded Green Flag and Green Heritage status. It is part of the Wildwood that once completely covered England after the ice age and yet it is within the M25! 

The Walks can be booked or further information obtained from The Hillingdon Green Spaces Team on 01895 250635

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