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About Ruislip Woods Trust

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What is Ruislip Woods Trust ?
Ruislip Woods Trust was established in 1997 as a charity. Its aims are to protect the ecological environment of Ruislip Woods and to encourage greater access by the public through education, monitoring and surveying.

It was set up by the five local Residents Associations which surround the woods, these are Eastcote, Harefield, Northwood, Northwood Hills and Ruislip. It is registered with the Charity Commissioners and maintains full accounts.

The Trust management committee includes recognised experts in nature conservation and interpretation. The Trust identifies projects, obtains funding for proposed schemes and then commissions the work, much along the principles of a Groundwork Trust such as the Colne Valley. The Trust's objectives prevent it from doing any of the woodlands management presently undertaken by Hillingdon Council, except to give advice on request.

Two of our current projects are the Classroom in the Woods and Bat Walks in Ruislip Woods, we also organise the Ruislip Woods Festival.

The Classroom in the Woods
This project aims to encourage children to visit the woods and understand more about this environment. The Classroom in the woods is a free guided activity walk offered to schools and youth groups. We are raising money to enable us to provide each child who attends the classroom with an informative leaflet to encourage them to visit the woods again with their families and friends.

Bats Walks in Ruislip Woods
We offer Guided bat walks to the public to increase their awareness and understanding of bats and the conservation of their habitat. These are often quite popular. We are currently fund raising to purchase more Bat Detectors.

Ruislip Woods Festival
This is a free family day that celebrates everything about the woods.
Click here for details for this year's event.

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