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Ruislip Woods Trust Woodland Festival 2011

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Devil Stick PeteThis year’s Festival was enjoyed by a huge crowd of people. The attractions this year included a Fun Dog show, which proved very popular, Devilstick Peat, a medieval jester who brought a smile to everyone who encountered him, and the Phoenix Morris Dancers who always provide such a colourful spectacle for us. The children were entertained by a treasure hunt quiz and storytellers as well as being fascinated by the reptiles and amphibians bought by the Thames and Chiltern Herpetological Group. There was also corn dolly making provided by the Hillingdon Natural History Society and the Woodland Chorus, a hand made puppet show which works electronically and the “animals” all take part in a chorus of song. It seemed that everyone enjoyed the Ferret Racing, especially the ferrets! There were a variety of craftsmen demonstrating their skills all afternoon, from the noisy mizer which was making short work of cutting up a tree trunk and the chainsaw sculptor, who was making what seemed like a whole menagerie out of wood.

chainsaw carver

Others took a more intricate line in dealing with their wood like the Love Spoons and the pole lathe turner. The Ruislip Woods Volunteers demonstrated the Charcoal Burner which they use to make charcoal out of the wood which they coppice whilst a basket maker turned willow into beautiful baskets . The afternoon was brought to a close with the now traditional Tug of War which was enthusiastically supported by children and adults alike. A bit difficult to ascertain who won but it seemed like no one wanted it to end.

Ruislip Woods Festival 2010
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